We are excited to share with you our October student of the month, Yuting Li. Yuting has practiced consistently with us for over a year. It is inspirational to see the change in Yuting’s practice. Because of her positive attitude and dedication to practice, Yuting’s physical practice has grown significantly over these last 12 months. She shared the following thoughts about yoga and her practice.

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?

I joined one-year unlimited membership back in 2008 in a local gym club where there were yoga classes. However, I stopped going to the yoga class after two-class trials because I felt it was too hard for me and I was too big and inflexible to practice yoga. In April 2016, I moved to Asheville due to the job offer. Since the new relocation, I wanted to be more healthy not only going to gym. I wanted to try something new. One day I went to DMV next to Anjali to change my car’s title and saw the sign of hot yoga.class. I always want to practice yoga again especially hot yoga. Therefore, I browsed Anjali’s Website and found that the class is affordable and I wanted to give it a try to see how the hot yoga looks like. I had no intention to continue the journey. However, 29-days class trial hooked me up. I fell in love the feeling of practicing hot yoga and wanted to continue practicing.

What does your practice mean to you?

My practice is a self challenge to test my limitation. The journey helps to not only relieve my physical pain but also get away from the pressure.

What would you like to tell others about the practice of yoga?

Don’t give up just because you can’t make the poses as others can. Keep it going and you will see the changes of your body and soul.



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