Emily Gunn is our November Student of the Month. Emily’s practice is so strong, but in an unassuming, quiet way. She has an essence of sweetness blended with power. Its awesome! Emily shared her thoughts with us about her practice. We love you Emily!!! Yay!

“I had tried a little yoga here and there since college, but I didn’t fully commit myself to a regular practice until last winter. I was going through some emotional turmoil and I was searching for an outlet to my anxiety. A few friends suggested I check out Anjali, so I gave it a try. I was immediately hooked!

For me, my practice is all about quieting my mind and reinforcing my own strength. When I’m on my mat, the outside world with all of its noise and chaos just fades away, and I’m left with my own steady breathing to keep me grounded. I slip into this beautiful place where I know that I’m enough, and I’m ok.


I feel like making time for yoga is an essential piece of my own self care. I look forward to challenging my body and forcing my mind to slow down. When I walk back to my car after class, it’s like I’ve been stripped of any superficial nonsense, and the things in life that truly matter the most are all that I’m left with. For me, yoga is therapy. It’s deep peace. It’s a life-long journey. It’s all-encompassing love.”

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