We are so happy to share that Jamie Carson is our student of the month for July. Jamie totally rocks her yoga practice in class. Regardless of the physical or mental challenge in a yoga class Jamie meets it with concentration and an open heart. She describes yoga as “perfectly personalized!” So true. We heart you Jamie! Read more of Jamie’s thoughts below.

“I took my first yoga class when I was 18, almost 15 years ago. I was a dancer throughout adolescence but did not know if I wanted to continue through college. I wanted to supplement the two dance courses I was enrolled in with something different, on the chance my interests began to change. I chose yoga out of curiosity, knowing nothing about it. One month into the semester I dropped the two dance classes. I completed my first semester of yoga and enjoyed the practice so much I shared my experiences with my step-father. We began going to yoga classes at the YMCA together on a regular basis. Being a former colonel in the Marines he claimed he went with me because of the pretty instructor. Now at seventy-eight years old, his agile spryness makes it clear to me he went for the longevity benefits, regardless of what he claimed. I’ve been practicing ever since.

My practice has meant many different things to me at various points in my life. Initially, I sought out a physical activity that aligned with how my body worked, seeking to maintain and further my flexibility and strength. Yoga was there to supplement my already active life. During my twenties, I wanted the workout, the sweat, and the physical transformation. My practice was about ego and vanity. The older I get the more my practice has turned inward. I still enjoy the workout, however, my priorities have changed. My practice is personal and spiritual, and most importantly, grounding. The stress of a day, the lists in my head, the tasks I need to finish – this urgency of life fades when I practice. This is what is important to me now.

The practice of yoga is what you want it to be – what you bring to your own mat. It is so perfectly personalized that I truly believe the practice can improve any person’s life, no matter their goals.”

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