We are so happy to begin 2019 with Suzanne Godsey as our student of the month! Suzanne’s practice is both consistent and strong. She completed 108 Sun Salutations this past summer in our Karma Yoga event! Now that’s an accomplishment. Suzanne shared her thoughts with us.

Why and how did you come to practice yoga? I started attending yoga classes to connect with myself in a more loving and compassionate way. I have always enjoyed sports that beat you up physically; weight lifting, running and kickboxing. I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I needed to change the internal dialogue I have with myself.

What does your practice mean to you? My practice means so much to me. There is of course the physical part of practicing; staying flexible and gaining strength. But more importantly, it reminds me to breathe, to slow down my mind and to accept things as they come. My practice helps me connect my heart and mind.

What would you like to tell others about the practice of yoga? When you practice yoga, you will sleep better, have better posture, more positive thoughts and you will gain strength and endurance. You may come to practice yoga for one reason but stay for so many more. Yoga practice evolves and each class presents you with a new experience.


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