So happy to start the 2018 year with Michelle McGee as our student of the month. Michelle approaches the asana practice with a mix of curiosity and wonder. She shared her thoughts with us. Thanks Michelle!

When I first started practicing yoga I was looking for a way to help relieve back pain, improve my physical fitness, find some stress relief and to escape. Over time my practice changed. It evolved. While I still do reap the initial benefits I sought out, my yoga practice has become much more. Yoga has taught me so much about myself and my ability. I’ve come away with patience, self-compassion, self-awareness, and a centeredness I take with me off the mat. The list of things I’ve gained from yoga is endless and I’m sure will continue to grow. The most crucial take away is the beautiful relationship I’ve developed with yoga. An evolving, ever changing relationship. It’s a fulfilling commitment that gives as much as it takes. Yoga has become my support system and adapts to what I need, growing and changing with me. Yoga provides. As long as I stay dedicated and committed to my practice, yoga will be there for me…non judging, with an open heart and open mind accepting me entirely. 

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