This month’s student of the month (SOM) is unique. February SOM is a Father and Daughter team: Rob and Ellie Steward! When asked to be Anjali SOM, Rob asked to share the honor with his daughter. He explained that Ellie was instrumental in both bringing him to yoga as well as supporting his practice. Rob’s yoga practice has grown significantly over the past months. Although Ellie is away at college, she practices when she can and continues to be an inspiration to us and her Father. We are so happy to present our SOM duo, Rob and Ellie. They co-authored the following response. Enjoy their thoughts about their practice and advice for others.

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?

We both discovered yoga (or yoga discovered us) unexpectedly. Neither one of us had done much yoga prior to Anjali, and we both went to a class completely unaware that we would have such a passion for yoga. After the first class we were both hooked, and now we can’t imagine life without it. Yoga found us both in times that we needed it more than we knew.

What does your practice mean to you?

To both of us, our practice means a time to honor ourselves and those around us. It’s a place we both come to grow as individuals and also grow in our relationship together. The classes we attend together, we leave feeling more connected. Our practice is a shared experience and we love encouraging one another to better our yogi skills on and off the mat.

What would you like to tell other’s about your practice?

That it has been a joy and something we look forward to. It has been challenging, rewarding and inspiring, always leaving us feeling better when we finish a session.The staff at Anjali have been fabulous teachers and have provided a nurturing environment that is unique and amazing. Although we are at different points on our life journey, we  both have found a peace and fulfillment associated with our practice. We are so grateful for the staff at Anjali for enriching our lives!

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