December student of the month Monica Turbyfill embodies curiosity and a willingness to accept the lessons her body offers. Exploring her asana practice through private yoga sessions, Monica approaches her journey with compassion and an open heart. We are honored to have Monica share her thoughts with you.

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?
          The majority of my exercise routine consisted of resistance training and cardio.  I had attended a few pilates classes thinking it would round out my routine beautifully with some stretching.  It was around this time that I kept hearing about this yoga teacher named Ferris who had spent a good part of her professional career as a physical therapist and how beneficial this was to those yoga students who had range of motion challenges in there yoga practice.  This caught my attention since I have some range of motion issues.  I was also hearing many wonderful comments from women in my age group, how great they felt from having a yoga practice. Coming away from my first yoga class with Ferris , I knew this was exactly what my mind and body needed. 
What does your practice mean to you?
          My practice has brought me into more self discovery.  On the mat I can focus simply on breadth and my asana’s letting any mental comments to just pass.  I believe I bring more compassion as I perform each asana, with acceptance for what my body is capable of doing in this moment.  I am so grateful to Ferris for teaching more self compassion.   When my shoulder doesn’t cooperate with a pose, Ferris just reminds me that it is better to just send it more love, so beautiful.
What would you like to tell other’s about your practice?
          Even though I am still very much a beginner to yoga.  I believe I have benefitted with building strength, flexibility and feeling a greater inner expansiveness.  It has been fun to observe the progress one makes with each practice time even when you are challenged with a physical issue.  Yoga has also spilled into my day to day in ways that offer feelings of centeredness, calm and more focused awareness in each moment. It truly has blessed me beyond what I ever expected.

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