Who just rocked 108 Sun Salutations for a great cause? Our August student of the month Scott Carson! Scott’s practice on the mat blends the physical with a deep sense of focus and balance. Even when practicing a challenging pose, Scott remains calm and displays an almost peaceful essence. Soooo COOL! Scott shared some thoughts with us about his yoga practice. Yay!

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?

My yoga practice started in my mid 20s when my sister talked me into going to a class. I had been wanting to broaden my exercise routine and increase my flexibility in the process and thought yoga was the perfect avenue for this.

What does your practice mean to you?

My practice has come to mean much more than exercise and increased flexibility. Yoga has made me a mindful person not only in my practice, but in everyday life. It has helped me to be a more accepting and open person all while helping bettering my posture. It’s a win-win.

What would you like to tell others about the practice of yoga?

Like Nike says, “Just Do It”. There is no judging in yoga. There is no winning in yoga. There is no losing in yoga. There is you and there is your mat. Your instructor will always tell you at the beginning of each class that this is “your” practice and it is. If you make the most of it, you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving.

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