1) Why and how did you come to practice yoga?

I have tried a few yoga classes over the years but until I came to Anjali and
experienced the heat with yoga I have never looked back.  It’s not too hot
but just hot enough!  I Love it!

2. What does your practice mean to you?

Balancing life, work, family and fitness is not easy.  What I love about this
studio are the wonderful instructors.  It’s easy to lay on the mat and zone
out and do it, but practicing at Anjali with great teachers is a gift and it lets
me get out of my own head, pay attention, set good intentions and breath.
I feel so lucky to have such an amazing studio to develop my own practice.
Each class I learn something new about myself and continue to increase
my strength, flexibility and my own spiritual journey.

3. What would you like to tell others about the practice of yoga?

I would tell others that regardless of fitness ability, size, and endurance,
yoga has something to offer for everyone.  I even brought both my teenage
boys 18 and 16 to class and they were hooked.  I enjoy more than anything
sweating together as a family and challenging each other.  Yoga will leave
you feeling more energized and at peace.

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