Logging in more than 280 hours on the mat, April student of the month, Angie Mort shows us what commitment looks like! We are so happy to have Angie practice with us. She shared her thoughts about Yoga and what it means to her. Enjoy!


   “I originally started practicing yoga from video tapes and DVD’s to undo the discomfort created by chronic bad physical habits. It wasn’t until I started taking classes that I realized how much yoga could help with bad mental habits as well.
    I consider maintaining a consistent yoga practice the best thing I have done to improve my overall well-being. I chose to practice a style of yoga that is physically demanding to get a work-out that maintains strength and mobility in my entire body, in part, to remain as physically capable as I can as I age. I also use yoga as way to work on the far more difficult goals of focusing and letting go. By returning to my practice, I get another chance to reset my perspective and prepare myself to go back into the rest of my day with a better attitude.
    If there is anything I would like to share about practicing yoga, it is that anyone can benefit from it. This is something that more and  more scientific studies support.There is a style of yoga for every preference and level of physical ability. Also, while yoga originated in one cultural tradition, the mental health and spiritual components of yoga are compatible and adaptable to any cultural background or set of beliefs.”

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