Spring is here! And just like spring, Meg White brings life to her yoga practice. We are so happy to have Meg as our April student of the month. She shared her thoughts with us. We love ya Meg!

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?

I was looking for a way to build my mental and physical strength after the death of my husband in November 2016. My co-worker, Gina Bokmiller, told me about Anjali and the wonderful experience she has had so I decided to try it. I had taken a couple of yoga classes years ago but never hot yoga. It was difficult to begin but the enthusiasm and positivity I received from instructors helped me continue. I took a few individual classes with Kate which helped me with poses. Although I am a novice I gain so much every time I come to the mat and am never discouraged because I believe I am meeting my goals of becoming mentally and physically stronger.

What does your practice mean to you?
My husband, Curt, practiced yoga and meditation at home for many years and it brought him great joy and peace. A difficult surgery and many complications led to Curt’s death and I wanted to honor him as I practiced. I often become emotional during my practice and I’m glad that my tears mix in with my sweat! Practicing yoga is one of the ways I feel closer to Curt. I also believe in the instructors’ reminder of being grateful for being able to move my body as so many people are not. Watching Curt become debilitated during the last few months of his life makes me more mindful of this. As I continue to journey through grief and find my new life and feel Curt urging me forward, my time on the mat is shifting from honoring him to finding myself. Life-changing is a very accurate way to describe my practice.

What would you like to tell other’s about your practice?
It’s never too late to begin yoga. My daughter has urged me for some time to take yoga because of the flexibility that’s needed as I grow older. I love the instructors and their individual and unique way of practicing yoga. They each help me learn and grow. I’ve never been a big fan of heat but I love the release of the sweat. I can do much more than I could a year ago but still have a long way to go. This doesn’t deter me because I gain so much every time I’m on the mat. I don’t feel pressured to do more than what I can do and experience. My yoga practice at Anjali is a very important part of my life and although it is hard I leave feeling invigorated, energetic, and happy.

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