PhysioYoga blends physical therapy and yoga into one cohesive session tailored to the individual. Offered by Anjali studio owner Ferris Fakhoury, licensed physical therapist and 200-hour yoga instructor, this practice offers a combination of yoga philosophy, breathing techniques and yoga asana as the primary modalities of treatment. The focus of the practice is on the individual’s healing and self empowerment rather than a prescription approach related to diagnosis.

A consistent yoga practice can help open what is constricted, strengthen what is weak and allows our bodies to move more fluidly and efficiently throughout our everyday functional activities. The freedom we can feel from the practice promotes serenity, stability and clarity. Yoga, an ancient, lifelong practice intended to unite the body, mind and spirit, can strengthen our relationship with others through a deeper understanding of the self.

Physical therapy is an evidence-based practice from western medicine that embraces a scientific understanding of the human body. Utilizing anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and movement analysts, this practice helps individuals regain functional movement, reduce pain, and learn new skills to live a happy and productive life.

Ferris integrates yoga philosophy and movement with her background in physical therapy to create a truly unique experience. Contact Ferris via email or call. Book your session today and start feeling better.

Initial Visit: $120 for 90 minute session
1 PhysioYoga session (after the initial): $80
3 sessions: $225
6 sessions: $390

*note: PhysioYoga is not meant to replace traditional physical therapy. Please consult your primary healthcare professional prior to starting any new or different physical activity.

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