Class Descriptions

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

Find balance, flexibility, and strength at our vinyasa flow classes at Anjali Hot Yoga.
Our instructors offer intelligently sequenced classes to combine breath and movement to feel serene, successful, and sweaty. Exercising in the heat is a challenge, but with modifications and multi leveled options offered throughout class, every person walking through the front door can find the ideal practice that day for their body. Weekly 60-minute and 75-minute classes provide the perfect amount of time to step onto your mat before or after work and still have time to spend with your family and friends. Anjali blends yogic philosophy and asana into an accessible yoga class which will guide your intentions on and off the mat.

The heat remains between 95-98 degrees for the Heated Vinyasa classes, and at 80 degrees for Slow Flow and Mindful and Yin yoga. The heat helps to challenge the practice for body and mind, and assists in stretching the muscles and relaxing the body. Our sangha (community) embraces every type of practitioner from brand new to experienced yogi.

“Some people might think that by practicing yoga you’re running away from the world and are not going to enjoy anything. But yogis are the people who are going to enjoy everything. Because when you’re the master of your life, you’re not controlled by anything and you can enjoy everything. This is the aim of yoga.”
Swami Satchidananda

Mindful Yoga

Mindful yoga is a slower, gentle approach with 80 degree heat that focuses on the foundations of our body’s structure. Integrating stabilizing exercises, alignment focused stretching, and deep breathing practices, this yoga class offers a fluid, gentle approach to asana to promote breathwork, stability and flexibility of the body and mind, and relaxation for healing. All levels and abilities are welcome, including those with musculoskeletal injuries, chronic illness, or those healing from surgery, though we do recommend a private session for those unsure of how to work with injuries or illness. Offered 3 times a week, Mindful Yoga can also be an excellent adjunct class to the more strenuous Heated Vinyasa class, but also stands alone as a beautiful, complete yoga practice. This practice of what your body needs addresses the combination of strength, flexibility, and active meditation.

*Note: If you are unable to rise up and down off the floor, we recommend private sessions before entering this class.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga offers a more slow paced, meditative practice to promote deep stretches and to calm the mind. In Yin the poses are held longer (2-4 minutes) to relax large muscle groups and to penetrate into the connective tissue. The emphasis on breath and concentration promotes a sense of body awareness. The practice of Yin allows for the possibility of relaxing into a pose, fully experiencing each asana, rather than moving quickly into the next posture.

*At Anjali our Yin Yoga class is often taught with live music, giving the student a truly unique experience.

Private Yoga sessions

At Anjali, we believe each type of practitioner can benefit from private yoga sessions. Depending on experience and what you are hoping to achieve, we offer several types of private yoga sessions with experienced instructors to guide you on your path. Below are a few types of private yoga sessions that we offer:

  1. To learn new yoga asanas or sequence for an individual: beginners, or intermediate/advanced practitioners hoping to improve current asana practice. This will address your intentions and help your body move into the practice on a deeper level.
  2. Injury driven or chronic disease driven: private yoga session looking for a practice based on what the body, breath and mind are needing. All instructors who offer this are well versed and trained to work with individuals who are looking for assistance with movement, stability and flexibility.
  3. PhysioYoga: Owner Ferris Fakhoury is a licensed physical therapist with over 30 years of experience. Her practice combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of physical therapy to offer an integrative approach to empower the student. PhysioYoga blends yogic philosophy, structural analysis and movement analysis of the body with breathwork and yoga asana to tailor a practice suited for you.

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