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The name Anjali honors the Atmanjali mudra. The term mudra has many meanings, however, it often refers to ancient hand positions, eye positions, or breathing techniques. It is used to symbolize a gesture, or seal. The Atmanjali mudra is one of the most recognized mudras. It is the prayer position; some refer to it as the “namaste” position. Placing the hands together in front of the chest creates feelings of harmony, reverence, gratitude, and peace. Our intention is to create a place of comfort, where persons of all ethnicities, religious beliefs, and physical abilities can come to heal and rejuvenate themselves. What better name than Anjali to embody this intent.

Hot Yoga

At Anjali we honor the roots of hot yoga as brought to the Western world by Parmahansa Yogananda. Our lineage begins with Yogananda who taught his brother Bishnu Ghosh, who taught Bikram, who then taught James Barkan, who taught Allison Lindquist, developer of Hot Yatra Yoga.  Allison taught Ferris Fakhoury, owner and creator of Anjali. Devotion to the spiritual essence of yoga blended with a strong physical practice, is the foundation of the hot yoga we offer at Anjali.

In each class, students will experience the challenge of a vinyasa flow practice, the calming effect of coordinated breathing, interspersed static postures and balance postures to promote awareness, while hearing the spiritual guidance provided by all instructors. Alignment of the postures and safety are always a priority. We believe this practice is not limited to the mat. Yoga is a LIFE practice; offering the possibility of clarity, acceptance, and peace.
For more information on Hot Yatra Yoga go to: www.hotyatrayoga.com

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