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The name Anjali honors this idea. Anjali means “offering.” For over 5 years you have offered us your smiles, your humor, and your positive energy. It has been an honor to hold this space for practice. The instructors and I are sad that it has to end, but we are completely filled with gratitude that we had the chance to be with each of you.

Coming to the mat to practice Yoga is sacred. It was (is) our intention to create classes that honor this belief. We are so happy that you joined us to celebrate and practice Yoga.

PLEASE CONTINUE to practice with us as much as you can before the final class on Saturday 9am 5/18/19.

It is with mixed emotions that I have to close Anjali. Effective 5/18th we will be closed.

Anjali Class Schedule

Check out our weekly schedule of classes! Experience all Anjali has to offer from our high energy Heated Flow classes to the more tame Yin yoga, and our Slow Flow classes.

Our Tribe

Anjali teachers are the best! Our highly skilled and experienced staff will help you to feel comfortable and welcomed.

Just for You

Choose from a variety of yoga packages to meet your individual practice needs and budget. Yoga props and other retail items are available to enhance your experience.

Community in the News

At Anjali we foster a supportive community of yogis. Once a month a student is asked to share their perspective on the practice of yoga. Students are the heart of Anjali!

Recent Blog Posts

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At this stage in my yoga journey, three things are meaningful to me in my practice. First, when I started yoga I heard Ferris say these two words, “no judgment”. I’ve always placed a lot of pressure on myself to do things the “right way” and I found her words to be a revelation. Yoga has helped me to accept myself and befriend who I already am. Now, my yoga practice is a part of me and is available whenever I need it. Second, with the high level of instruction at Anjali, and especially with the help of Ferris, Kate and Kim, I have been able to focus on good alignment, gain strength, and am now pain free. I’m grateful for the concern every instructor extends to their students. Last, but not least, I can’t say enough about the wonderful yoga community at Anjali. The women I’ve come to know are an inspiration and an encouragement to me. We support one another not only in our practice, but we have shared the joys and struggles of our daily lives as well.

Gina Bokmiller:

Always being involved with fitness and having taught Pilates for 15 years, I’ve spent a lot of time explaining the difference between the 2 modalities. I would find a yoga class here and there trying several different styles, studios and instructors but never found the right fit. As time passed my body and mind started speaking to me, my then exercise routine wasn’t serving me anymore. I slowly started making a Saturday morning yoga class part of my routine. It wasn’t until Ferris opened her vision “Anjali” that I found the community, space, style and instructors that made Anjali my home studio. The cold lavender washcloth at the end of class was the topping on the cake.

Trina Pistor

At the recommendation of a friend, I came to Anjali, thinking I’d only do it until I started feeling better. But after just a couple of classes, I was hooked. Not only have I gotten relief from the pain and tightness, but I’ve found myself challenged in ways that my usual workout routine hadn’t done in years. As someone pretty set in my ways, trying something new required that I swallow my pride and be willing to not be very good at something. Fortunately, the instructors at Anjali are all so good that they’ve helped me become something resembling a “functional” yogi. There’s a real sense of support and encouragement at Anjali. While we’re each at different stages of our practice, we’re all there to get better and that shared sense of purpose with a caring group of people creates a great environment.

Scott Pritchard

I first found out about Anjali when Ferris visited our store. She came in a few more times and  I must have said I would try it for 6 months. I finally did after a friend encouraged me to try it and now I am hooked. It has become part of my life. I miss it when I don’t go. The energy and the soothing voices that you get from the instructors is nothing like I have experienced elsewhere. You can be yourself in class. Anjali Yoga makes me Happy!

Arlene Sullivan

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