Our student of the month for September is Rusana Krivenkina. Yay! Rusana has practiced with us for the previous 3 years. Her practice is a mixture of high energy, concentration, and fearlessness! Rusana shared her thoughts about her practice.

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?
My first yoga class was in 2006 at YMCA. I had standing job and my lower back was constantly bothering me and one of my coworkers recommended to try yoga. After few classes I noticed big change in my body and mind. Few months later I stopped practicing for no reason just got busy with daily life (bad excuse).In 2013 I decided to go back into yoga world (best decision ever) since then I have not stopped practicing.

What does your practice mean to you?
Constant practice is helping me to deal with my daily routine. If I have a bad day or have to face difficult people I remind myself this is not forever and I treat that experience as uncomfortable yoga pose. I am very grateful that I have an opportunity to practice yoga at amazing studio such as Anjali with wonderful instructors. For past 3 years at Anjali my yoga practice became not only about exercise but also I learned more about myself.

What would you like to tell others about the practice of yoga?
I have met a lot of people who are very intimidated to start yoga because of their poor flexibility, their size or just simply they do not want to get out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, sometimes yoga classes can be very intimidating and frustrating. In that case, I just share my journey with them before and after I started practicing yoga and immediately I see curiosity in their eyes to try yoga. I would say I brought few people to Anajli who never tried yoga before and they loved it! Continuous practice has definitely a lot of benefits , but the most important benefit is to learn how to keep focus on your mat and leave all your stress outside of yoga class. So if you do not practice yoga start now!
“Let your practice be a celebration of life” ~ Seido lee deBarros


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