Hot Yatra Yoga


Hot Yatra Yoga was developed by Allison Lindquist. Allison is a certified and registered Yoga Alliance instructor/educator and a disciple of Parmahansa Yogananda. Her lineage begins with Yogananda who taught his brother Bishnu Ghosh, who taught Bikram, who then taught James Barkan, who taught Allison. Allison has practiced yoga for over 20 years, specifically in a hot environment for over 17 years. Her devotion to the spiritual essence of yoga and the required physical discipline of her practice, facilitated the development of Hot Yatra Yoga. Yatra is a Sanskrit term meaning journey. Hot Yatra Yoga is both a spiritual and physical journey.
In each class, students will experience the physical challenge of a vinyasa flow, the calming effect of coordinated breathing, interspersed static postures and balance postures to promote awareness, while hearing the spiritual guidance provided by all instructors. Alignment of the postures and safety are always a priority. Allison believes this practice is not limited to the mat. She believes yoga to be a LIFE practice; offering the possibility of clarity, acceptance, and peace. For more information on Hot Yatra Yoga go to: www.hotyatrayoga.com

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